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Meet The CEOs


Hi, we are Ra’Nel & Ra’Shel, identical twins, women of great faith, & creatives who love to share positivity & blessings through all things that we create! We are blessed by your presence on our website and we hope through our new apparel line, our music, & our rental business that we will be “twinspirations” to you in some way! We are the founders & CEOs of both companies mentioned more down below & we pray in many ways that they will both continue to bless the world!

 The 2 services we offer:

 Descendant Of Greatness®

Is a faith based brand and it aims to encourage people to know their own worth! Our brand also uses fashion to help others shine their light around the world!


You can rock the apparel with purpose proudly! You are royalty & a descendant of greatness! Live it, share it, & wear it!


Remember who you are in Christ & whose you are! You are worthy, KINGS & QUEENS, powerful, loved & you too have gifts & talents to share with the world! You are created in the image of God; therefore, YOU TRULY ARE A DESCENDANT OF GREATNESS!

*1 Peter 2:9*

 Twinspirations LLC-

Our rental company where you can rent some of our amazing luxury items for wonderful prices. You'll absolutely love our new throne chairs, open air photo booth, 360 photo booth, flower walls, backdrops, neon signs, & many other incredible items. We would love to come help spice up your events! (Currently servicing Georgetown, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Austin, Kyle, Tx & surrounding cities in the area)

Use our "Contact Us" page to inquire further for your business needs.

We pray by the time you leave our site & connect with us through any of our businesses that you feel more empowered to do everything that God has called you to do as well! Everyday is a day for new beginnings & another opportunity for you to do great things & to be the shining example of greatness! 

We look forward to speaking with you on how we can help meet your business needs or desires & be “double blessings” to you. We appreciate the support from all of our “twinfolk”! Much love & double blessings to you all!


Queen Ra’Nel & Queen Ra’Shel a.k.a. "Double Blessings-Kendrick Twins"


*A little something extra*
Click on our picture above to go hear & be encouraged by our new EP "Love" Album that is our most vulnerable album to date! This album is like no other because this is the first time, since all of us experienced some major trauma in our lives, that we are now blessed to express through our different arts a release of healing, hope, & love to share with the world!
Rappers: Double Blessings- Kendrick Twins
Singer: Daija "Star" Kendrick (Ra'Nel's daughter)
Writers: Double Blessings-Kendrick Twins
Produced by: Jamaal Anderson & ourselves (Double Blessings-Kendrick Twins)!   

You can also go to our Contact Us page to connect to any of our music, as well as to some of our social media platforms.
You can find all of our music by searching “Kendrick Twins” on any major music outlets such as iTunes, Tidal, CDBaby, Spotify, etc.
Be double blessed & thanks for visiting our website! 

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